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12/12/21 9:38 PM

Federal financial aid has been approved for Kentucky in the wake of
devastating tornadoes.
-The aid will be available to impacted individuals in Caldwell, Fulton,
Graves, Hopkins, Marshall, Muhlenberg, Taylor, and Warren counties.
-The funds can be used for temporary housing, repairs, low-cost loans,
-Funding is also available for the governments of the commonwealth of
Kentucky and some private nonprofits.


12/12/21 7:29 PM

Red Cross has requested additional blood donations in the wake of the #kentuckytornado
-Red Cross has provided an additional 200 blood products since the tornadoes.-Red Cross is on standby to provide more.-Prior to the tornadoes there was already a low supply of blood products.
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Find how you can donate blood here.

12/12/21 6:45 PM

-Since approximately December 8th*, several Maxwell trial tracking accounts on Twitter have been suspended.
-Reporting on the trial from MSM has been limited, but still present.
*This is an approximate date based on the information we have found on
social accounts being suspended. Information on which accounts and when
they were suspended has been difficult to identify and verify


12/12/21 4:21 PM

“On behalf of everyone at FEMA, our hearts and prayers are with all the families and lives who have been impacted by these devastating storms.”
-FEMA Administrator Criswell

• FEMA Teams and Urban Search and rescue have been deployed
• FEMA is setting up and Incedent Report Base at Fort Campbell, KY
• Fifty-tow generators, 30000 meals, 45000 liters of water, and more are been sent to KY
• 11 shelters are OPEN in KY and 3 are OPEN in TN

Read more on FEMA’s response below
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