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1/1/22 - 1/27/22

1/1/22 11:12 AM

POTUS approves CO disaster declaration.

-This will allow additional federal aid to support those impacted by the wild fires

1/1/22 12:09 PM

DuckDuckGo has announced that it is developing a desktop web browser.

1/9/22 12:38 PM

Iran imposed sanctions against 51 Americans.
-National Security Advisor stated: “We will work with our allies and
partners to deter and respond to any attacks carried out by Iran. Should
Iran attack any of our nationals, including any of the 51 people named
yesterday, it will face severe consequences.”


1/9/22 6:22 PM

Bob Saget has passed away at the age of 65

1/13/22 12:56 PM

 SCOTUS blocks OSHA vaccine mandate.

1/15/22 3:32 PM

Hostage situation in Colleyville Texas.
-SWAT is responding
-This is an active situation

1/15/22 5:21 PM

-There are 4 hostages
-There are no none injuries at this time
-The situation was reported at 10:41 am

1/15/22 6:13 PM

-1 Hostage freed unharmed

1/15/22 7:19 PM

DJT is speaking now in Florence AZ

1/16/22 11:26 AM

Last night, all hostages were freed and the suspect was killed by SWAT.

1/16/22 12:44 PM

Storm system bringing snow & ice to Eastern USA.

1/20/22 11:56 AM

Biden has signed H.R. 1192 into law.
-H.R. 1192 is named, “Puerto Rico Recovery Accuracy in Disclosures Act of 2021”

1/24/22 12:58 PM

Ukranian official says,

"Americans are safer in Kyiv than they are in LA."

-Concerns of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased in recent weeks.

1/24/22 1:19 PM

The national gas price average is up $0.932 from one year ago.

-CA price average is the highest at $4.645 per gallon
-KY price average is the lowest at $2.972 per gallon

1/24/22 1:33 PM

Thousands of US troops have been put on “heightened preparedness” as tensions in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine rise.

1/27/22 3:34 PM

Philadelphia CPB intercepts two drug shipments.
-The 1st shipment was intercepted on Jan. 18th
-The 2nd shipment was intercepted on Jan. 20th

1/27/22 3:45 PM


1/27/22 5:10 PM

"#ImpeachBiden" trends in Twitter politics
-7,409 Tweets as of Jan 27 5:06pm

1/27/22 5:35 PM

White House confirms it believes that a Russian invasion of Ukraine
could happen at any time.

Q: "Has the White House changed its assessment — has the Biden
administration changed its assessment that a Russian invasion is
PSAKI: "Well, I would say that we have said since last week that we have
seen preparations and buildup at the border and that an invasion could
come at any time. Our assessment has not changed since that point."

1/27/22 6:43 PM

Suspect who shot 3 Houston PD officers earlier today has been arrested.

1/28/22 5:33 PM

An update on possible USA troop movement.
Q: "Have you decided how soon you would be moving U.S. troops to Eastern Europe?"
POTUS: "I’ll be moving U.S. troops to Eastern Europe and the NATO countries in the near term — not a lot."